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Dharma Rain Mumbai is a resource centre that endeavours to create a supportive environment for exploring Buddhist thought and practice. It is a platform for contemplation of all major Buddhist schools and traditions, as well as for dialog and interaction with other religious and scientific traditions. We bring people together to connect and accelerate their journey of personal growth and self-transformation.


​Our mission is to introduce the principles and philosophy of Buddhism to those on the path of self-awareness and awakening and to encourage the study and practice of those views. We are a forum for the dissemination of spiritual wisdom for students, scholars, and practitioners. We invite leading dharma teachers and scholars to Mumbai regularly and organize teachings and retreats which are open to all, as is the access to recordings and links to other Buddhist resources.

Dharma Rain also hopes to have as its major resource, a library and documentation section in the near future, that will provide the foundation and framework for a variety of activities, such as lectures, classes, retreats, and publications.


We are a nonprofit, run by volunteers and supported entirely by donations, and through participation in the teachings and retreats. ​Our events are organized through teamwork, with members contributing their resources to the best of their abilities.

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