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Geshe Lhakdor
Geshe Lhakdor draws out the immense wisdom contained in the two texts, Parting from the Four Attachments by Sakya Pandita and The Three Principal Aspects of The Path by Tsongkhapa in the teachings he gave on February 24, 25, 2018 in Mumbai. 

This is an unedited live streamed video. Please feel free to skip to the relevant section.

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Morning session of Day 1

Feb 24, 2018.

The teaching begins at 9:00. Tea break from 1:04:15 to 1:31:40. 

Video 3 of 4

Morning session of Day 2

Feb 25, 2018. 

The teaching begins at 7:10 minutes. Tea break from 1:02:00 hour to 1:27:30 minutes. 

Video 2 of 4

Afternoon session of day one on Feb 24, 2018.

The teaching begins at 2:30 minutes. 

Video 4 of 4

Afternoon session of Day 2 

Feb 25, 2018

The teaching begins at 0:45 minutes.

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