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Prashant Varma


Social worker;  Director, Deer Park Institute; Buddhist practitioner; Founder - member of Dharma Rain; Friends of Tibet (India); Executive Member - INEB (International Network of Engaged Buddhists); Film-maker.

Aspi Mistry


Coordinator and founder member of the Dharma Rain Centre for Buddhist Studies. A poetry lover quite crazy about films, and a practicing Buddhist interested in all spiritual traditions, a Free Tibet and human rights activist, who likes to say, with apologies to Shantideva, “May I be a thorn in the sides of those who desperately need a thorn in their sides…”

Supriya Rai


Director, K J Somaiya Centre of Buddhist Studies; Doctor of Philosophy,  Buddhist Studies; Buddhist practitioner; intrepid traveller; loves and is proficient in Japanese language, culture.

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